About Us

Data Analytics Corp. began operations in 2000 as a consultancy focusing on Quantitative Pricing Research and supporting market research companies and other businesses. Data Analytics Corp. was founded by Walter R. Paczkowski who has a Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University (1977). Dr. Paczkowski's extensive quantitative experience includes ...

  • Founder and President, Data Analytics Corp.
  • Director, Multivariate Services, pharmaceutical market research firm
  • Principal Technical Staff Member, AT&T Labs
  • Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs
  • District Manager, Pricing Research, AT&T Computer Systems
  • Head of Market Research, OKIDATA
  • Chief forecaster/economist, southern electric utility company

Dr. Paczkowski is currently on the faculty of the Department of Economics, Rutgers University (Adjunct) and was formerly with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, The College of New Jersey (Adjunct).

Our success is built upon ...

Solid Pricing Research. We pride ourselves on being able to design, execute, analyze, and report on a pricing research study at each stage of your Quantitative Pricing Research life cycle. See our paper Product Life Cycle Pricing Research for insight.

Statistical and Modeling Expertise. We have the breadth of experience and scope of knowledge to handle your pricing needs. We do van Westendorf, conjoint, discrete choice, and econometric studies. See our Technical Memos for insight on these methodologies.

Pricing Research Process. Our research process follows a logical path from defining and refining your pricing questions, to conducting a pricing audit, to using high analytics to analyze your internal and external data, to developing strategy options that are data-driven and answer your questions. This is our Path to Pricing Success process.

Pricing Results. Our results are provided to you in report formats that go beyond mere tabs and pie charts and bar charts, but that clearly and logically present the data and provide actionable knowledge - not just information - and recommendations. We also develop what-if simulators for conjoint and discrete choice studies that allow you to test new pricing ideas, further extending the pricing knowledge and capabilities you gain from these studies.

Pricing Strategies. We don't stop with Quantitative Pricing Research, our forte. We also provide actionable recommendations on pricing strategies to move your business forward in your highly competitive and dynamic markets.